Services Offered

Services Offered:


  • Orcas Island Tree Care, Tree Removal, and other Tree Services for San Juan County – Tree Removal, Pruning, Climbing for View Enhancement & Tree Health. Cost of Tree Removal varies accordingly.
  • Native Landscaping Services – Pre-Construction Consulting, Native Landscape Design & Installation, Rock walls, Paver Patios.
  • San Juan Islands Property Management – Ongoing Maintenance, Caretaking, & Security.
  • Storm cleanup – Fire safety brush removal, Chipping, Limb Removal.
  • Water Features – The Woodsmen specializes in waterfalls and small ponds.
  • Masonry – patios, outdoor & indoor stone fire places, stone work and more.

Check out this video of the a 70 foot waterfall made by the Orcas Woodsmen. Click here to learn more about the project.

Clients include:


Native Landscaping

 Native Landscaping utilizes native plants including  trees, shrubs, groundcover that thrive in the Pacific Northwest  environment, which means they are deer resistant and able to deal with  our long wet winters and short dry summers. They require no pesticides,  fertilizers, and little seasonal watering. 

 Native Landscaping is adapted to the climate, geography, and hydrology of the San Juan Island off the coast of Washington State. 

 Native plants are low maintenance, hardy, and resistant to pests and  diseases. The offer alternatives to introduced species, cultivars, and  invasive species. They are the foundation of their native habitats and  ecosystems or natural communities. They thrive on any of our local  islands: Lopez Island, Shaw Island, San Juan Island, Orcas Island or  Sucia Island State Park. 

 The Woodsmen offers professional tree services in the  San Juan Islands. Including tree removal, tree care, pruning, and  overall tree health. The Woodsmen is located on beautiful Orcas Island but serves all of San Juan County

 Check out this video of the a 70 foot waterfall made by the Orcas Woodsmen.